Haworth Technologies, LLC 2013

Small Rotor Specialist

Haworth Technologies specializes in balancing small, precision rotors. We provide precision balancing services for numerous defense contractors, pioneers in the medical industry, imaging industries and a host of other rotor manufacturers. Many of our projects are high-speed prototypes. Haworth Technologies is currently equipped to balance parts weighing from a few ounces up to fifteen pounds and we have machining capabilities in-house to fabricate tooling for virtually any configuration. Although our specialty is precision small motors, we welcome all balancing requests and will even work with you to develop a method or procure a machine for your specific application. Whether it's a one-off or 100,000 parts, Haworth Technologies provides the same high level of service. We also go to great lengths to ensure that your product is handled in such a way that no damage will occur while in our care or on the return trip to your facility. Each step of the process is equally important to us. Unpacking, marking, documenting and repacking are all as important as the balancing process itself. Here are just a few of the ways in which we provide exceptional service: Individual Numbering of Parts When Required Individual Wrapping of Parts When Indicated Detailed Batch Logs or Individual Certificates Tracking Information Provided Immediately Upon Shipment
Phone: 434.369.4157 Mobile: 434.477.4671 FAX:     434.369.0049
Haworth Technologies uses State of the Art Dynamic Balancing Software and Systems, providing you with detailed, graphical reports and logs.
Precision Balancing Services
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